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First, review the questions below. And then if they don't help, you can submit a Support Ticket to us.

Category: NFL Playoff League
1.I'm looking at the list of available players during the NFL playoffs, but players who were already eliminated from the playoffs do not appear. How can I see them?
2.We are late starting our playoffs, or need to adjust rosters after week 18, how do we add those scores for that week?
3.How do I set up an NFL playoff league (or, How do I keep playing during the NFL playoffs)?
4.How can I upgrade my NFL Playoff League from last year to this year?
5.How do I Hide Lineups and Rosters for my League?
6.How do I set my league up to be a Contest League for the NFL Playoffs?
7.How do we create a H2H schedule for our playoff League?
8.How do I Keep Rosters with a New Playoff League?
9.How can I see regular season player scores for my NFL Playoffs league?
10.How do I Replace or Remove or Add a Franchise for a Playoff League?
11.How do owners load their players in a "Set 'em" league?
12.How do I Adjust Weeks for my Playoffs?
13.Do we have to set up our playoff league like our season league or can we be a total points league for the playoffs without effecting my regular season?
14.We are setting up a playoff league with the same rules, but want different rosters. Can we set up a Live Draft for the Playoff League?
15.How do I Show only Players on Playoff Teams in FA lists?
16.Our playoffs are a "free for all" where no owner has a roster, but all owners can submit any player from any team. How do we set this up?
17.Games for week 18 have kicked off, but players are not appearing for this weekend to be submitted. How do I display these players?

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