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Go to our MyFantasyLeague.com Community Forums - you will find site experts there who have tons of experience with the site, and who are eager to help you with your questions!

First, review the questions below. And then if they don't help, you can submit a Support Ticket to us.

Category: Auction
1.How do I Start an Auction or Nominate a Player?
2.How do I Bid on a Player?
3.How do I End an Auction?
4.How do I Change the Current Available Funds for my Auction?
5.Does the site automatically put players up for auction?
6.How do I Delete an Auction?
7.For proxy bidding, how can I display which owner increased the bid?
8.How can we test our Live Auction prior to the actual Auction?
9.How do I create the nomination order for my online Live Auction?
10.How do I View Auction Results?
11.If I am awarded player X from an auction can I subsequently drop him from my roster before the end of the auction to allow me to bid on other players?
12.I keep getting a "Bid not accepted - it will cause you to exceed your available funds" message when I try to place another bid in our auction. I don't have many players on my roster yet, how can I exceed my funds?
13.We are trading players during our auction and the site is not updating the auction funds that teams have available for remaining players. Instead, it only updates the salaries on the franchise's roster.
14.How does Proxy Bidding work?
15.Why are my available auction funds not correct when using the Blind Bidding balance?
16.How do I set up a Rookie Only or Vet Only Auction?
17.How do I set up or decide which Auction is right for my league?
18.How do I use the Auction Bid page?
19.How do I use the General Auction Setup page?
20.How do I use the Auction Start Date/Time Setup page?
21.How do I use the Delete Auctions page?

Have A Question? Send an email to your league commissioner at safeleagues@gmail.com.