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ADP Rankings (Published Sun Mar 22 8:51:37 p.m. ET 2020)

The Average Draft Position (ADP) Rankings Report has been updated for the 2020 season to make it more useful and accurate. You can access it from the "Links > Fantasy Links > ADP Report" menu item. Keep in mind that if you access the ADP Rankings report directly from your league, it will only show ADP rankings for leagues similar to yours. If you want to view ADP for all leagues, then be sure to click the link near the top that says "Remove this filter and show data for all leagues instead."

The ADP Rankings report is now using the new report engine with standard headers and pagination options. In addition, here is a summary of the significant changes and updates:

  • The Time Frames available for the report have been consolidated to make them easier to understand and to make them more useful:
    • Recent: This is the default, and will include drafts from the past 2 weeks when viewed in the summer months when a lot of drafts are taking place. It will include drafts from the past 3 or 4 weeks earlier in the offseason.
    • All: Include ADP rankings from All Drafts in the system for the current season.
    • Draft: Only include drafts that start after the NFL Draft in late April.
    • June: Drafts conducted after June 1st.
    • July: Drafts conducted after July 1st.
    • Aug: Drafts conducted after August 1st.
    • Aug 15: Drafts conducted after August 15th.
    • Start: Drafts after the NFL season kicks off.
    • Mid: Drafts after our Free Mid-season Leagues are available (week 8).
    • Playoffs: Drafts after our Free NFL Playoff Leagues are available (week 15).
  • A new Roster column will show which fantasy teams own the players in the list when viewing the report from the league. This column is hidden when viewing the overall rankings for all league types and sizes.
  • A new Status column shows the injury status of the player, and also indicates with an asterisk if they are out for the season and therefore would not be auto-picked.
  • The Percent (%) Selected column replaces the previous "Number of Drafts" column, so now it will show what percentage of total leagues the player was selected in.
  • Better handling of how Keeper leagues are classified to make their rankings more accurate.
  • Better handling of deluxe leagues and drafts that span across time frames to make their draft rankings more accurate.
  • Auto picks within a draft are not included, so the rankings only include draft picks made by humans.
  • The corresponding API calls have been updated to include the new timeframes and other parameters.
  • In addition all of the above changes, the filters at the top of the report allow you to select:
    • Any Position or choose a specific position.
    • All Players or only Rookies.
    • All Players or only players without Injuries
    • All League Sizes or specific league sizes.
    • PPR or non-PPR leagues (or both).
    • All Draft Types or Full Redraft leagues or Keeper drafts or Rookie Only drafts.
    • Include or Exclude Mock Drafts.

Top Transactions report (Published Fri Mar 20 6:06:40 p.m. ET 2020)

The "Reports > Players > Top Adds/Drops/Starters" report has been updated to use our new report engine, which will provide consistency to the way reports are displayed and accessed. We will gradually convert other reports to the same layout, which includes more consistent report and column headings and the ability to page through longer reports or show all of the info on a single page.

This report also has a few content related updates:

  • The Bye weeks will be taken into account where appropriate: The Most Added report will indicate players coming off a bye week, and the Most Dropped report will flag players going into a bye week.
  • The Most Traded report has been added as an option.
  • The data has been refined to be more accurate. For example, Draft Only leagues are no longer included in the analysis of Most Added/Dropped since those leagues don't have transactions.
  • The report will be more relevant in the preseason now. It will show data for the past 7 days during the preseason to keep the data fresher and better reflect recent activity. During the regular season, it will show the current week's information (note that a fantasy week consists of Tuesday through Monday).

Loading Auction Values as Salaries (Published Thu Mar 12 9:02:40 p.m. ET 2020)

There is a new option on the Select a Packaged Salary screen for Auction Leagues that want to load their final auction values as Player Salaries. This happens automatically if you set up your Salary Caps ahead of time (before you conduct your auction). However, if you forgot to set up your salary cap before you conducted your auction, you can now use this new option to load the values after the auction is completed. Just select the new option on the Select Packaged Salary screen called "Load them from the final bid value in this league's auction."

Loading Player Acquired Info (Published Wed Mar 11 12:20:00 a.m. ET 2020)

The Player Acquired Information can be tracked in a league and displayed on the Roster report. It can optionally show when a player was drafted or auctioned, or picked up via waivers or trade, etc. This option has been available for a long time, and we have a couple of new options available now on the For Commissioners > Setup > Edit Player Acquired Info screen to help update the info in various circumstances.

Select the check box at the bottom of the screen to "Clear all data from 2019 and earlier" if you carried the information over by mistake when you upgraded the league. There is also a new option to "Load Values From Current Draft (or Auction)", which can be used to update the values after a draft or auction is completed. Use this if you forgot to select those options from the Player Acquired Setup screen at the start of the season. Please be aware that these options cannot be undone after they are selected.

Load jQuery Library (Published Sat Mar 7 4:34:19 p.m. ET 2020)

There is a new option to Load jQuery Library on the "For Commissioners > Setup > Images and Other URLs" setup screen. If you turn this option on, it will load the standard jQuery library in the header of each page.

Note that this is an Advanced Option and should ONLY be used if you are familiar with jQuery and know how to use it for customizing your league. If you're not sure about it, then do NOT change this option to Yes.

Open Auctions Limit (Published Thu Mar 5 9:50:27 p.m. ET 2020)

There is a new option for Email Auctions to allow the Number of Players up for Auction to be limited on a per Franchise basis. Previously, the system only enforced the Total number of players up for Auction for the entire league. You can set this new option on the "For Commissioners > Setup > General Auction Setup screen if you have an Email (Slow) Auction selected on the General League Setup page.

The new option is under the "Maximum Number Of Players That Can Be Up For Auction At One Time:" section. The default is 1 Open Auction per Nominating Franchise. For large leagues that want to have a lot of players being auctioned off simultaneously, this option will allow you to limit any one team from dominating the auction block by setting a max per Franchise. Note that this new option works in unison with the existing option to Limit the Number of Open Auctions per League. So for example, if you have 12 franchises, and you allow 24 open auctions for the league as a whole, you can set the per Franchise limit to 2, which would prevent one franchise from nominating more than 2 players at a time, even if there are currently less than 24 player up for auction.

Auction Nomination Order (Published Tue Mar 3 5:42:50 p.m. ET 2020)

For leagues that conduct auctions, there is an option to specify the Auction Nomination Order. This can now be set on the "For Commissioners > Setup > Auction Nomination Order" screen. It was added late last season, but we're posting it here again as a reminder for 2020 leagues that might need it. This option can be used to customize the nomination order if desired, or to update the order after new teams are added (or old teams deleted) from a league, for example.

Live Auction updates (Published Sun Mar 1 5:01:14 p.m. ET 2020)

The Live Auction screen has been updated to show more information and to make the status of the auction clearer at all times. In addition, it has been updated on the back end to make it more reliable and to handle traffic better. It also uses a new API integration for third parties that want to be able to interface with the auction.

Some of the changes include:

  • The Timer Status section in the upper left has been arranged to show more information in a consistent format, including the Current Nomination Team and Next Nominator.
  • New commissioner controls to Skip a Nomination and Cancel an ongoing Auction
  • Updated player pick list, along with a Player Work List similar to the Live Draft room.
  • Messages about Invalid Bids and nominations are displayed via a pop-up alert to make it more obvious to the owners affected by the issues.
  • The Winning Bid amount is now shown as an extra column on the Roster section in the lower right.
  • Removed the Player Profile to save space, so now you can highlight a player and use the Player Info button to view player details.

Weekly Transaction Limits (Published Thu Feb 27 10:06:59 p.m. ET 2020)

Commissioners can set optional Weekly Transaction Limits on the "For Commissioners > Setup > Waivers/Free Agents Setup" screen. There is a new option to specify when the weekly transaction limits should start being enforced. This will allow leagues to have unlimited transactions during the preseason if desired, while still limiting weekly transactions during the regular season, for example, by choosing week 2 with this option. The new setting is called "Apply the above weekly transaction limits starting on week:" and it allows you to specify the starting week. The default is week 1.

Blind Bid Adjustment comments (Published Mon Feb 24 11:01:35 p.m. ET 2020)

Commissioners can make adjustments to individual franchise Blind Bid totals on the "For Commissioners > Setup > Blind Bid Waiver Setup" screen by selecting the check box that says "Adjust Individual Franchise Blind Bid Balances?". Now that screen has been updated with a "Reason" column to allow commissioners to enter a comment if they want to explain the reason for the adjustment(s). That information will then show up on the Detailed version of the "Reports > Franchise > Blind Bid Report.

Draft Results report updates (Published Fri Feb 21 10:39:43 p.m. ET 2020)

The "Reports > League > Draft Results" report has been updated with a new column for "Elapsed Time". This will make it easier to track the amount of time each owner takes to make their picks. The "Average Time Waiting to Make Pick" section will still be updated at the bottom of the Draft report as usual.

The "Comments" column has also been updated to show your own comments in the same way as other owner comments. Previously, your own comments would appear in an edit box that made the draft report longer and more awkward to manage. Now your picks will have an "Edit Comment" button so you can click on that to edit your comments in a pop-up box if desired.

Maximum 100 Franchises (Published Thu Feb 20 4:37:37 p.m. ET 2020)

The Maximum Number of Franchises per league is now 100 (the previous maximum was 96 franchises). The average league size is only 12 franchises, so most leagues won't have to worry about such a large league option, but the number of franchises can be set on the "For Commissioners > Setup > General League Setup" screen.

Please be aware that it is much easier to increase the number of franchises than it is to reduce the number of franchises. So if you are starting a large league and you're not sure how many teams you will end up with, it is strongly advised to start with the minimum number of teams you think you might fill. Then if you end up needing to add more teams in the future as your league grows, you can always do that later. On the other hand, if you create a league with 100 franchises and only end up filling 50 of them, then you will have to tediously delete 50 franchises (one at a time) before the start of the season.

Auctions for Multi-Copy Player Leagues (Published Tue Feb 18 10:01:02 p.m. ET 2020)

Some large leagues choose to allow the same players to be owned more than once within the league. For example, Patrick Mahomes could be owned by 2 different fantasy teams within the same league. Most leagues like this choose to divide the league into divisions or conferences, and then each division or conference can own one "copy" of the player. But in very rare cases, a league may choose to allow the same player to be owned twice regardless of divisions or conferences. In these situations, there generally isn't any way to conduct an Auction, because MFL cannot assign a separate auction value to each "copy" of the player. However, some leagues have specific rules in place and still want to allow auctions, because they effectively "ignore" the value of players after they are auctioned off, and they don't have a salary cap that is tied to the auction values in any way. For these very specific types of leagues, MFL will still allow the auctions to be conducted.

Note that this is a very advanced combination of options, and only applies to a few leagues on MFL. There will be additional warnings and acknowledgements that have to be accepted in order to setup a "Multi-Copy Player Auction League" like this. Here's a short list of options that WILL NOT WORK as expected with these types of leagues, and there may be other issues, so in general we don't recommend trying to make these types of leagues work unless you already have experience with these limitations:

  • Player Salaries won't work.
  • Player Acquired info won't be available.
  • Custom Player Positions can't be used.
  • Player Locks won't work (dropping a player will lock both copies of the player)
  • Waivers won't work (only one copy of a player can be acquired during a waiver run).

Unload Keepers (Published Sun Feb 16 11:46:56 p.m. ET 2020)

For Dynasty or Keeper Leagues, MFL allows you to set up a timeframe for owners to decide which players they want to keep for the current season. After the specified date, the selected keepers are loaded and all other players are dropped. As part of the keeper process, players can be kept in lieu of draft picks. Sometimes the keepers need to be unloaded, such as when a commissioner inadvertently loads them incorrectly, or if an owner changes their mind and the commissioner decides to allow their keeper selections to be changed. In those instances, the system will now remember which players were kept in lieu of draft picks on the Load Keepers screen , so that when reloading the keepers players again, it will be quicker and easier to do that.

Changing Draft Picks (Published Fri Feb 14 11:39:42 p.m. ET 2020)

The "For Commissioners > Setup > Change Draft Pick" screen has been updated so that in addition to allowing you to Change a Draft Pick to another player, it can also be used to Undo a Draft Pick. Just select a draft pick to change without highlighting a replacement player from the list, and that will effectively remove the draft pick.

You can also use this screen to Change a Skipped Pick to a player from the list. That will effectively allow you to "make up" a pick as needed if it was skipped and you want to allow the owner to make his selection later in the draft.

Note that the Live Draft screen also has a "Skip Pick" and an "Undo Last Pick" option, so this "Change Draft Pick" option is mainly for slow email drafts, but it can also be used during a live draft to update previous picks, or to fix any draft mistakes after the draft is completed.

Clear Rosters screen (Published Wed Feb 12 9:53:34 p.m. ET 2020)

There is a new option available on the For Commissioners > Setup > Clear Rosters screen. This was mainly added for leagues that are doing some testing or otherwise want to "start over" with blank rosters for any reason. It is only available as an option in the preseason (so it won't work anymore after NFL Kickoff), and it will prompt you to confirm that you really want to Clear Rosters. It will clear the entire roster of the franchise(s) you select, including taxi squad and injured reserve players.

Compact Fantasy Schedule Report and Schedule Validator (Published Mon Feb 10 11:11:53 p.m. ET 2020)

The "Compact" version of the Reports > League > Fantasy Schedule report has been updated to use franchise abbreviations instead of franchise numbers. This should make it easier to read and analyze when you're trying to confirm that the schedule is balanced, or when checking which weeks have which match-ups.

And don't forget about the Validate Fantasy Schedule option on the Commissioner Setup screen. It will help you confirm that your schedule is balanced with the correct number of games against all franchises. It displays the total number of games against each opponent, along with a breakdown by Conference or Division where appropriate, and a breakdown of Home and Away games. It also indicates any weeks that are missing games or that have games scheduled when they shouldn't (such as during the playoffs when a corresponding playoff bracket is being used). It also totals any Bye weeks for fantasy franchises as well as any matchups against the League Average if your league uses those options. And for leagues that have doubleheader weeks, it will show if those are balanced as well.

Waiver System Updates - Hourly Processing (Published Sat Feb 8 12:09:44 p.m. ET 2020)

We made a few changes to the waiver system for 2020. In general, everything will work the same way and you don't need to change your waiver settings if they worked well for you last season. As a reminder, all of your waiver settings and league calendar entries are automatically carried forward to the new season when you upgrade your league.

The main change for 2020 is that waiver processing will only happen on an hourly basis this year. In previous years, you could set up waiver events to happen at 15 minute increments. We've streamlined the process to make things easier to manage for commissioners and to be more efficient behind the scenes. Therefore, if you had any waiver processing events last year that were not at the top of the hour, then they will be converted to take effect at the top of the hour when you upgrade your league to the new season. For example, if you had a "Process Blind Bid Waivers" event scheduled for 10:15, 10:30, or 10:45pm, then it would now be scheduled for 10:00pm instead. This hourly processing applies to the following event types:

  • Process Waivers
  • Process Blind Bid Waivers
  • Put All Free Agents on Waivers (previously called "Lock all Free Agents")
  • Unlock All Currently Locked Players
Other calendar events such as Draft and Auction starting times, as well as "No Add/Drops Allowed" and "No Trades Allowed", etc can all still be scheduled at 15 minute increments if desired.

The other change is the "Lock All Free Agents" event has been renamed to "Put All Free Agents on Waivers" instead. This change was made to hopefully help Owners understand what the event does when they view the league calendar. The result is still the same, so you don't need to change anything on your calendar.

Secure League Pages (Published Thu Feb 6 12:24:02 p.m. ET 2020)

When your league is upgraded to the 2020 season, the option to Use SSL will be turned on automatically. This change should not have any effect on your league, except to make it more secure, so you should not notice any difference. However, there are a few instances where it can cause conflicts. That's why we give each league the option to choose whether or not they want to use the SSL setting on the Reports and Security Settings screen.

Here are some issues to be aware of with this option:

  • The option to use SSL was added in 2018, and about half of the leagues had switched to it already.
  • Some web browsers will give you warnings when accessing a non-secure site, and eventually some browsers may not even load non-secure sites, so it is strongly advised to leave your league set with the SSL option from now on.
  • We will eventually remove the option to use the non-secure option, most likely in the 2021 season.
  • The only reason we allow the non-secure option now is because of some potential conflicts with third party add-ons and links to images and other resources. For example, if your league uses custom code or you have icons or images that are linked to another site, and that other site is not secure, then it may cause your league appearance to have issues. If that is the case, then a "quick fix" is to turn off your league SSL option. But that is NOT a permanent fix! Instead, you should work on converting all of the non-secure images and links and add-ons to a secure environment. Sometimes that just means changing your "http://" links to "https://". This will work if the site you are linking to already supports SSL, which is the case for most web sites now. If not, then you'll have to either move your images and links to another server, or contact the site to have them update their security options.
  • Also be aware that if you have javascript included from a non-secure site, it could potentially expose your personally identifiable information, so that is an even more important reason to convert to using 100% secure links and sites.
2020 Developers API Release Notes (Published Tue Feb 4 4:00:00 p.m. ET 2020)

During this offseason we've made a few changes to the MyFantasyLeague.com Developer's API. These changes are described below. We will add entries here as necessary during the early part of the offseason. The goal is to have the API stable by mid-May. After that the only changes that we will make will be bug fixes.

  • First of all, we have introduced an API Client Registration process. While registering your client is not a requirement to use the API, you will want to register it if you plan to use it for any kind of significant tasks. Unregistered clients will be subject to usage limits. There's more information about this on the main Developers API page.
  • The live_chat request which was used to make draft picks has finally been removed. Last year we introduced the live_draft request as a replacement.
  • The FRANCHISE_ID parameter, which was used on a few import functions to specify the target franchise of an operation has been renamed to FRANCHISE. FRANCHISE_ID will now be used exclusively to specify the franchise to impersonate. The difference between target franchise and impersonate is subtle: using a target franchise the commissioner does an operation on an owner's franchise, while impersonate the commissioner does the operation as the franchise.
  • Non-league specific calls must be directed to api.myfantasyleague.com and be made via SSL protocol (https). These are all requests that do not have L= parameter. This requirement does not apply to calls embedded on league pages via javascript. In that case you must continue to use the local host to avoid cross-domain issues.
  • The ADP request parameters have been changed. The FRANCHISES parameter has been renamed FCOUNT to avoid confusion with other uses of FRANCHISES, and the way to filter results by time has been completely revamped. This is now a simpler system that relies on specifying the PERIOD parameter to request data for drafts that started after one of a several key dates.
  • (Added Feb 5) The Trades requests now work with a trade ID. Instead of having to pass the various trade elements on every request, now the tradeResponse can indicate which trade to operate on via a trade id. The pendingTrades request will provide these ids.
  • (Added Feb 19) The nflSchedule API request has been deprecated and will not return scores or the status for in-progress games. Check this FAQ for the new way to obtain this info.
  • (Added March 5) Added a keepers import request. This may be uses to allow franchise owners to select their keepers before the keeper deadline. The keeper parameters are returned in the league export request. This request supports commissioner impersonation so the commissioner can perform this function on behalf of the individual owners as long as the Commissioner Lockout is not turned on. This request may not be used to load (accept) the keepers by the commissioner. That can only be done via the web site.
  • (Added March 20) Made some minor modifications to the Top Transactions export API calls: topAdds, topDrops, topStarters and topOwns. The week parameter has been eliminated as the data for past weeks was never accurate and we are no longer tracking it. The values returned are for the current week (or if during the pre-season, the last 7 days). They will now accept a COUNT parameter to indicate the maximum number of players to return. The default is 50 but values up to 1000 may be specified. They also accept a STATUS field which if set to FA will have the request only return Free Agents on the fantasy league. This will not work on deluxe leagues. Also added a similar topTrades export API call which returns the most traded players.

This notice was last updated on March 20, 2020.