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RankPlayerRosterStatusAvg PickMin PickMax Pick% Selected
151Jones, Marvin DET WR Kamikazes151.647227289
152Jarwin, Blake DAL TE DrinkAndDrunkOffense - S154.536937084
153Edwards, Bryan LVR WR (R) (Q)MattomicBomb - NSQuestionable154.848736469
154Henderson, Darrell LAR RB (Q)Harry the Bunny - NSQuestionable155.904831086
155Brown, John BUF WR Tom Wolthuis157.035729086
156Sanders, Emmanuel NOS WR Kamikazes159.082833886
157Love, Jordan GBP QB (R) Jurassic Park159.458630862
158Thomas, Ian CAR TE Tom Wolthuis160.039433282
159Coleman, Tevin SFO RB Radical Red Pandas160.505637285
160McFarland, Anthony PIT RB (R) Unsportsmanlike Conduct161.288036778
161Miller, Anthony CHI WR (Q)Desert NuksQuestionable161.879437884
162Pollard, Tony DAL RB MattomicBomb - NS162.589933486
163Samuel, Curtis CAR WR Desert Nuks164.118432380
164Watkins, Sammy KCC WR Kamikazes169.057936686
165Evans, Darrynton TEN RB (R) Devil Ducks - NS169.209036276
166Winston, Jameis NOS QB (Q)Harry the Bunny - NSQuestionable169.269234463
167Perriman, Breshad NYJ WR Jurassic Park170.706629282
168Newton, Cam FA* QB Jurassic Park172.146837571
169Tate, Golden NYG WR The Furious Ferrets172.734334582
170Campbell, Parris IND WR (Q)DrinkAndDrunkOffense - NSQuestionable173.7511443379
171Kelley, Joshua LAC RB (R) The Furious Ferrets174.628944371
172Howard, O.J. TBB TE Desert Nuks175.532937677
173Murray, Latavius NOS RB Radical Red Pandas175.828935682
174Hurts, Jalen PHI QB (R) MattomicBomb - NS175.857337061
175Claypool, Chase PIT WR (R) DrinkAndDrunkOffense - NS176.279346767
176Foles, Nick CHI QB Harry the Bunny - NS176.978347765
177Doyle, Jack IND TE Devil Ducks - S177.359643079
178Herndon, Chris NYJ TE (Q)Radical Red PandasQuestionable177.639647479
179Anderson, Robby CAR WR Tom Wolthuis177.6510232484
180Penny, Rashaad SEA RB (Q)Jurassic ParkQuestionable181.959838475
181Kmet, Cole CHI TE (R) Devil Ducks - NS182.706836166
182Johnson, Duke HOU RB Unsportsmanlike Conduct182.958938881
183Sternberger, Jace GBP TE Unsportsmanlike Conduct183.447536573
184Scott, Boston PHI RB DrinkAndDrunkOffense - S184.839936182
185Ebron, Eric PIT TE Desert Nuks184.869346679
186Bowden, Lynn LVR RB (R) Devil Ducks - NS188.1410939571
187Taylor, Tyrod LAC QB Unsportsmanlike Conduct188.307249669
188Hamler, KJ DEN WR (R) Tom Wolthuis190.2410742464
189Edmonds, Chase ARI RB Desert Nuks191.524239480
190Washington, James PIT WR The GOAT 824193.1411235078
191Knox, Dawson BUF TE Devil Ducks - NS193.5811555670
192Jackson, Justin LAC RB Radical Red Pandas193.758540478
193Lazard, Allen GBP WR FA194.5411041377
194Jeffery, Alshon PHI WR (Q)Harry the Bunny - NSQuestionable195.938638377
195Trautman, Adam NOS TE (R) Devil Ducks - NS196.198447060
196Harris, Damien NEP RB Tom Wolthuis196.5312449269
197Davis, Corey TEN WR MattomicBomb - NS198.029535576
198Jefferson, Van LAR WR (R) (Q)Jurassic ParkQuestionable199.5912655160
199Westbrook, Dede JAC WR The GOAT 824200.149238176
200Hines, Nyheim IND RB Harry the Bunny - NS200.1610745878
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