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ADP Report
RankPlayerRosterStatusAvg. PickMin. PickMax. Pick% Selected
1McCaffrey, Christian CAR RBTom Wolthuis1.801593
2Barkley, Saquon NYG RBKamikazes2.831793
3Thomas, Michael NOS WRHarry the Bunny5.5011794
4Elliott, Ezekiel DAL RBDevil Ducks5.9011593
5Jackson, Lamar BAL QBJurassic Park7.6814590
6Mahomes, Patrick KCC QBUnsportsmanlike Conduct8.1515294
7Kamara, Alvin NOS RBThe Furious Ferrets8.5512494
8Cook, Dalvin MIN RBJurassic Park9.0222593
9Hopkins, DeAndre ARI WRSTEVEN JONES12.7214194
10Adams, Davante GBP WRThe GOAT 82414.3553391
11Chubb, Nick CLE RBSTEVEN JONES15.2224094
12Mixon, Joe CIN RBThe Furious Ferrets15.2643294
13Kittle, George SFO TEKamikazes16.2914393
14Hill, Tyreek KCC WRDrinkAndDrunkOffense16.6544892
15Godwin, Chris TBB WRDrinkAndDrunkOffenseQuestionable19.5454893
16Jacobs, Josh LVR RBDevil DucksQuestionable19.8614495
17Kelce, Travis KCC TEKamikazes20.9145793
18Watson, Deshaun HOU QBUnsportsmanlike Conduct21.8919592
19Henry, Derrick TEN RBSTEVEN JONES23.6735990
20Taylor, Jonathan FA RBThe Furious Ferrets24.4517572
21Sanders, Miles PHI RBKamikazesQuestionable26.0655593
22Jones, Aaron GBP RBThe GOAT 82426.0745694
23Murray, Kyler ARI QBSTEVEN JONES26.30210694
24Evans, Mike TBB WRKamikazesQuestionable27.5125194
25Moore, D.J. CAR WRMattomicBomb - SQuestionable27.9137394
26Smith-Schuster, JuJu PIT WRThe GOAT 82429.8926894
27Cooper, Amari DAL WRRadical Red Pandas30.7886494
28Swift, D'Andre FA RBDevil Ducks31.42110472
29Wilson, Russell SEA QBHarry the Bunny31.75110195
30Prescott, Dak DAL QBThe Furious Ferrets33.02111393
31Fournette, Leonard JAC RBTom WolthuisQuestionable33.7437594
32Ekeler, Austin LAC RBRadical Red Pandas35.1488893
33Brown, A.J. TEN WRKamikazes35.3336794
34Jones, Julio ATL WRHarry the Bunny35.3547892
35Beckham, Odell CLE WRMattomicBomb - SQuestionable35.9137095
36Golladay, Kenny DET WRUnsportsmanlike Conduct38.1957995
37Andrews, Mark BAL TEHarry the Bunny39.6058594
38Sutton, Courtland DEN WRThe GOAT 82441.6058494
39Dobbins, J.K. FA RBUnsportsmanlike ConductQuestionable43.82316171
40Allen, Josh BUF QBRadical Red Pandas44.79113594
41Drake, Kenyan ARI RBRadical Red Pandas48.03711991
42Kupp, Cooper LAR WRThe GOAT 82448.1368395
43Robinson, Allen CHI WRThe Furious Ferrets50.4978794
44Wentz, Carson PHI QBJurassic Park50.49616890
45Metcalf, DK SEA WRDevil Ducks50.9979194
46Singletary, Devin BUF RBThe GOAT 82453.1889895
47Allen, Keenan LAC WRThe GOAT 82453.8059593
48Diggs, Stefon BUF WRRadical Red Pandas54.0539395
49Ertz, Zach PHI TEThe Furious FerretsQuestionable54.73910194
50Akers, Cam FA RBMattomicBomb - S55.88415570
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