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Topic SafeLeagues Dynasty 282 - Deluxe (SF/TE) Message Board / Your league is full! (24 hits)

Commissioner Date Thu Mar 26 5:56:19 p.m. ET 2020 Edited Thu Mar 26 6:03:13 p.m. ET 2020
Hey all!

*** first, please go to your franchise, then click "contact info" and set up notifications so you don't miss anything ***

I have just randomized your draft order!

The auction is set to start tomorrow at 10AM EST.

You are now able to trade startup picks and 2021 picks. You can trade before, during, and after the draft. Trades process automatically, so contact me via this email as quick as possible for a trade or pick mistake. If you feel there is collusion, contact me. That means more than just a bad trade. Bad trades happen and people have their own values for things.

If you trade a 2021 1st round pick, you must pay for 2021. Do it when it happens otherwise your rights get removed the next day.

The startup draft includes rookies. A reminder, if a player is not in the system, we can't add them. We are at the mercy of MFL's player pool and designations. MFL will likely add them later when drafted, then they will be available.

Draft timer is 4 hours with an overnight shutoff from midnight to 8am EST.

If you are on the clock with a full roster and do not want to make a selection you can: trade your pick, let your timer expire, or drop one of your players - wait a few minutes - re-draft that player.

As always in these leagues, the BEST way to get a hold of me is this email. If you make a mistake (trade, pick, etc), contact me as fast as possible via email (safeleagues@gmail.com).  We all know accidental picks and accidental button pressing accept happens, especially while on the phone. Best to fix it immediately. If too much time passes I won't be able to fix.

Just a tip... some of the more active leagues set up a groupme or similar messaging thing for leaguemates. Usually someone in the league makes one.

Hope all is well and have fun!
Filthy Ricc Date Thu Mar 26 5:59:13 p.m. ET 2020
Commissioner Date Thu Mar 26 6:03:35 p.m. ET 2020
oops, must have pasted the wrong "your league is full" message. Fixed now. Thanks!

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Topic SafeLeagues Dynasty 282 - Deluxe (SF/TE) Message Board / Your league is full! (24 hits)