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Head-To-Head Results
Week 6
Bielefeld Bulldogs59.0
Pitiless Pirates86.0
Buffalo Schütz Extreme106.0
Erkan´s Warriors104.0
Aster Lavista Babies88.0
Gina´s Wild-Cats87.0
L.A. Lame Ducks84.0
Neufahrner Ratpack55.0
Schmaffmann Hueh118.0
Schwabian Squarrats62.0
Flying Shoulderpads119.0
Bielefeld Bulldogs59.0
Erkan´s Warriors104.0
Buffalo Schütz Extreme106.0
Neufahrner Ratpack55.0
Aster Lavista Babies88.0
Flying Shoulderpads119.0
L.A. Lame Ducks84.0
Schmaffmann Hueh118.0
Gina´s Wild-Cats87.0
Schwabian Squarrats62.0
Pitiless Pirates86.0
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Trade Bait
FranchiseWill Give UpIn Exchange For
Flying Shoulderpads

Ich suche nach QB oder vielleicht auch WR.

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Franchise Owner Activity
FranchiseLast Visited This Page
Gina´s Wild-Cats2 minutes ago
Aster Lavista Babies17 minutes ago
Buffalo Schütz Extreme23 minutes ago
Bielefeld Bulldogs1 hour, 22 minutes ago
Erkan´s Warriors1 hour, 52 minutes ago
Neufahrner Ratpack3 hours, 51 minutes ago
L.A. Lame Ducks3 hours, 57 minutes ago
Pitiless Pirates3 hours, 58 minutes ago
Flying Shoulderpads4 hours, 18 minutes ago
Commissioner4 hours, 23 minutes ago
Schmaffmann Hueh4 hours, 39 minutes ago
Underdogs12 hours ago
Schwabian Squarrats12 hours, 5 minutes ago
League Newsletter
Week 6

The Early Bird!

Jaja, ich bin VIIIEEEEEELLLL zu früh dran, aber da man JETZT den Januar im EPEP requesten kann, verkünde ich hiermit den Termin für die MAFFL-Playoff-Draft:

Do. 05.01. ab so gegen 1800 Uhr!

Freitag Feiertag, schlecht für Lokal und Familie, Samstag sauknapp für den Commish, also Donnerstag vor dem ersten Blähoff-Spiel!

Sofern keine besseren Vorschläge kommen, nominiere ich das "Paradies"...


League Standings
Franchise W-L-T Pct PF PA PP Eff Max PF BBID $ Bal
Buffalo Schütz Extreme Buffalo Schütz Extreme 10-1-1.875 584.0 958.0 632.0 92.4% 106.0 $46.00
Flying Shoulderpads Flying Shoulderpads 8-3-1.708 540.0 980.0 682.0 79.2% 119.0 $37.00
L.A. Lame Ducks L.A. Lame Ducks 8-4-0.667 573.0 1066.0 713.0 80.4% 104.0 $71.00
Neufahrner Ratpack Neufahrner Ratpack 8-4-0.667 543.0 1008.0 663.0 81.9% 107.0 $22.00
Bielefeld Bulldogs Bielefeld Bulldogs 6-6-0.500 536.0 1028.0 706.0 75.9% 124.0 $67.00
Schmaffmann Hueh Schmaffmann Hueh 5-7-0.417 476.0 994.0 603.0 78.9% 118.0 $20.00
Erkan´s Warriors Erkan´s Warriors 5-7-0.417 568.0 1118.0 645.0 88.1% 136.0 $81.00
Pitiless Pirates Pitiless Pirates 5-7-0.417 506.0 1018.0 621.0 81.5% 125.0 $69.00
Underdogs Underdogs 5-7-0.417 434.0 1013.0 568.0 76.4% 92.0 $67.00
Gina´s Wild-Cats Gina´s Wild-Cats 5-7-0.417 547.0 1118.0 599.0 91.3% 128.0 $22.00
Aster Lavista Babies Aster Lavista Babies 4-8-0.333 537.0 1165.0 698.0 76.9% 115.0 $64.00
Schwabian Squarrats Schwabian Squarrats 2-10-0.167 431.0 1084.0 515.0 83.7% 87.0 $71.00
Who Should I Start?
Should StartShould BenchPctCount
Bortles, Blake JAC QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB99.10%556
Bortles, Blake JAC QBTannehill, Ryan MIA QB98.90%469
Bortles, Blake JAC QBOsweiler, Brock HOU QB98.90%352
Bortles, Blake JAC QBSiemian, Trevor DEN QB98.80%325
Bortles, Blake JAC QBWentz, Carson PHI QB98.40%743
Bortles, Blake JAC QBKeenum, Case RAM QB97.60%164
Bortles, Blake JAC QBKessler, Cody CLE QB97.30%111
Bortles, Blake JAC QBPalmer, Carson ARI QB96.90%416
Bortles, Blake JAC QBBradford, Sam MIN QB94.30%440
Bortles, Blake JAC QBKaepernick, Colin SFO QB93.50%200
Bortles, Blake JAC QBFlacco, Joe BAL QB93.50%430
Bortles, Blake JAC QBSmith, Alex KCC QB89.50%191
Bortles, Blake JAC QBHoyer, Brian CHI QB89.00%636
Bortles, Blake JAC QBTaylor, Tyrod BUF QB87.20%468
Bortles, Blake JAC QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB85.30%586
Bortles, Blake JAC QBManning, Eli NYG QB79.60%457
Bortles, Blake JAC QBWilson, Russell SEA QB77.00%283
Bortles, Blake JAC QBCousins, Kirk WAS QB56.10%624
Bortles, Blake JAC QBDalton, Andy CIN QB50.20%611
Bradford, Sam MIN QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB96.60%436
Bradford, Sam MIN QBFitzpatrick, Ryan NYJ QB93.30%119
Bradford, Sam MIN QBOsweiler, Brock HOU QB91.50%117
Bradford, Sam MIN QBSmith, Geno NYJ QB87.50%40
Bradford, Sam MIN QBSiemian, Trevor DEN QB81.70%109
Bradford, Sam MIN QBJones, Landry PIT QB75.00%20
Bradford, Sam MIN QBPalmer, Carson ARI QB71.60%328
Bradford, Sam MIN QBKessler, Cody CLE QB66.70%45
Bradford, Sam MIN QBWentz, Carson PHI QB64.20%201
Bradford, Sam MIN QBKeenum, Case RAM QB61.40%88
Bradford, Sam MIN QBTannehill, Ryan MIA QB55.50%146
Brady, Tom NEP QBManning, Eli NYG QB99.70%719
Brady, Tom NEP QBTaylor, Tyrod BUF QB99.60%483
Brady, Tom NEP QBBortles, Blake JAC QB99.40%671
Brady, Tom NEP QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB99.40%724
Brady, Tom NEP QBDalton, Andy CIN QB99.30%440
Brady, Tom NEP QBStafford, Matthew DET QB98.90%824
Brady, Tom NEP QBHoyer, Brian CHI QB98.70%235
Brady, Tom NEP QBCarr, Derek OAK QB98.40%948
Brady, Tom NEP QBLuck, Andrew IND QB98.10%418
Brady, Tom NEP QBMariota, Marcus TEN QB97.70%529
Brady, Tom NEP QBRivers, Philip SDC QB97.60%742
Brady, Tom NEP QBBrees, Drew NOS QB91.10%447
Brady, Tom NEP QBRodgers, Aaron GBP QB86.70%279
Brady, Tom NEP QBRyan, Matt ATL QB85.80%800
Brees, Drew NOS QBPalmer, Carson ARI QB99.20%376
Brees, Drew NOS QBFlacco, Joe BAL QB99.10%687
Brees, Drew NOS QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB98.60%294
Brees, Drew NOS QBBradford, Sam MIN QB98.60%490
Brees, Drew NOS QBKaepernick, Colin SFO QB98.20%225
Brees, Drew NOS QBTaylor, Tyrod BUF QB97.90%612
Brees, Drew NOS QBManning, Eli NYG QB95.70%469
Brees, Drew NOS QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB94.90%631
Brees, Drew NOS QBSmith, Alex KCC QB94.90%255
Brees, Drew NOS QBHoyer, Brian CHI QB94.40%808
Brees, Drew NOS QBWilson, Russell SEA QB92.60%188
Brees, Drew NOS QBCarr, Derek OAK QB85.90%714
Brees, Drew NOS QBCousins, Kirk WAS QB84.50%664
Brees, Drew NOS QBLuck, Andrew IND QB81.80%159
Brees, Drew NOS QBBortles, Blake JAC QB81.10%333
Brees, Drew NOS QBDalton, Andy CIN QB80.80%788
Brees, Drew NOS QBMariota, Marcus TEN QB79.80%609
Brees, Drew NOS QBStafford, Matthew DET QB69.20%826
Brees, Drew NOS QBRivers, Philip SDC QB61.30%649
Brees, Drew NOS QBRodgers, Aaron GBP QB54.50%134
Carr, Derek OAK QBSiemian, Trevor DEN QB99.40%327
Carr, Derek OAK QBWentz, Carson PHI QB99.20%508
Carr, Derek OAK QBTannehill, Ryan MIA QB99.00%388
Carr, Derek OAK QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB98.90%702
Carr, Derek OAK QBBradford, Sam MIN QB98.80%336
Carr, Derek OAK QBPalmer, Carson ARI QB98.40%625
Carr, Derek OAK QBKeenum, Case RAM QB98.10%105
Carr, Derek OAK QBFlacco, Joe BAL QB94.30%349
Carr, Derek OAK QBKaepernick, Colin SFO QB94.10%202
Carr, Derek OAK QBTaylor, Tyrod BUF QB90.70%289
Carr, Derek OAK QBSmith, Alex KCC QB87.30%300
Carr, Derek OAK QBHoyer, Brian CHI QB85.60%167
Carr, Derek OAK QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB83.00%493
Carr, Derek OAK QBManning, Eli NYG QB80.70%486
Carr, Derek OAK QBWilson, Russell SEA QB78.10%553
Carr, Derek OAK QBCassel, Matt TEN QB66.70%6
Carr, Derek OAK QBDalton, Andy CIN QB56.70%492
Carr, Derek OAK QBCousins, Kirk WAS QB55.00%538
Carr, Derek OAK QBBortles, Blake JAC QB54.90%669
Carr, Derek OAK QBMariota, Marcus TEN QB53.50%493
Cousins, Kirk WAS QBOsweiler, Brock HOU QB99.20%241
Cousins, Kirk WAS QBTannehill, Ryan MIA QB98.70%315
Cousins, Kirk WAS QBGaroppolo, Jimmy NEP QB98.40%122
Cousins, Kirk WAS QBBradford, Sam MIN QB98.20%336
Cousins, Kirk WAS QBSiemian, Trevor DEN QB97.90%282
Cousins, Kirk WAS QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB97.90%775
Cousins, Kirk WAS QBWentz, Carson PHI QB96.50%488
Cousins, Kirk WAS QBPalmer, Carson ARI QB96.30%454
Cousins, Kirk WAS QBFlacco, Joe BAL QB95.20%330
Cousins, Kirk WAS QBKaepernick, Colin SFO QB92.90%225
Cousins, Kirk WAS QBHoyer, Brian CHI QB90.50%325
Cousins, Kirk WAS QBTaylor, Tyrod BUF QB87.10%466
Cousins, Kirk WAS QBSmith, Alex KCC QB83.60%324
Cousins, Kirk WAS QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB77.90%488
Cousins, Kirk WAS QBManning, Eli NYG QB75.80%561
Cousins, Kirk WAS QBWilson, Russell SEA QB75.20%657
Cutler, Jay CHI QBGoff, Jared RAM QB60.00%5
Dalton, Andy CIN QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB99.20%973
Dalton, Andy CIN QBOsweiler, Brock HOU QB99.10%218
Dalton, Andy CIN QBWentz, Carson PHI QB98.90%437
Dalton, Andy CIN QBSiemian, Trevor DEN QB98.40%315
Dalton, Andy CIN QBBradford, Sam MIN QB98.30%293
Dalton, Andy CIN QBKaepernick, Colin SFO QB97.70%218
Dalton, Andy CIN QBPalmer, Carson ARI QB96.70%513
Dalton, Andy CIN QBFlacco, Joe BAL QB96.10%307
Dalton, Andy CIN QBTaylor, Tyrod BUF QB94.10%339
Dalton, Andy CIN QBHoyer, Brian CHI QB92.60%176
Dalton, Andy CIN QBSmith, Alex KCC QB92.50%308
Dalton, Andy CIN QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB89.70%436
Dalton, Andy CIN QBManning, Eli NYG QB82.50%570
Dalton, Andy CIN QBWilson, Russell SEA QB76.50%766
Dalton, Andy CIN QBCousins, Kirk WAS QB67.70%331
Dalton, Andy CIN QBMariota, Marcus TEN QB53.00%379
Fitzpatrick, Ryan NYJ QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB86.80%106
Fitzpatrick, Ryan NYJ QBMallett, Ryan BAL QB60.00%5
Flacco, Joe BAL QBFitzpatrick, Ryan NYJ QB98.40%123
Flacco, Joe BAL QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB97.60%248
Flacco, Joe BAL QBOsweiler, Brock HOU QB93.90%132
Flacco, Joe BAL QBBoykin, Trevone SEA QB88.20%17
Flacco, Joe BAL QBSmith, Geno NYJ QB86.70%45
Flacco, Joe BAL QBWentz, Carson PHI QB83.60%189
Flacco, Joe BAL QBSiemian, Trevor DEN QB83.50%139
Flacco, Joe BAL QBTannehill, Ryan MIA QB82.50%120
Flacco, Joe BAL QBKessler, Cody CLE QB78.90%57
Flacco, Joe BAL QBPalmer, Carson ARI QB74.10%441
Flacco, Joe BAL QBBradford, Sam MIN QB71.50%158
Flacco, Joe BAL QBKeenum, Case RAM QB65.60%61
Flacco, Joe BAL QBJones, Landry PIT QB60.00%25
Flacco, Joe BAL QBKaepernick, Colin SFO QB52.90%102
Gabbert, Blaine SFO QBGoff, Jared RAM QB60.00%5
Gabbert, Blaine SFO QBLynch, Paxton DEN QB60.00%5
Gabbert, Blaine SFO QBCutler, Jay CHI QB60.00%5
Gabbert, Blaine SFO QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB50.00%14
Hoyer, Brian CHI QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB98.50%406
Hoyer, Brian CHI QBKessler, Cody CLE QB96.80%63
Hoyer, Brian CHI QBGaroppolo, Jimmy NEP QB96.70%60
Hoyer, Brian CHI QBWentz, Carson PHI QB94.00%182
Hoyer, Brian CHI QBJones, Landry PIT QB92.30%52
Hoyer, Brian CHI QBSiemian, Trevor DEN QB91.80%182
Hoyer, Brian CHI QBTannehill, Ryan MIA QB91.10%180
Hoyer, Brian CHI QBBradford, Sam MIN QB88.80%169
Hoyer, Brian CHI QBPalmer, Carson ARI QB87.90%643
Hoyer, Brian CHI QBKeenum, Case RAM QB83.80%99
Hoyer, Brian CHI QBFlacco, Joe BAL QB71.30%164
Hoyer, Brian CHI QBKaepernick, Colin SFO QB66.30%175
Jones, Landry PIT QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB98.00%201
Jones, Landry PIT QBFitzpatrick, Ryan NYJ QB83.70%43
Jones, Landry PIT QBSmith, Geno NYJ QB71.10%38
Jones, Landry PIT QBSchaub, Matt ATL QB66.70%6
Jones, Landry PIT QBOsweiler, Brock HOU QB62.80%43
Jones, Landry PIT QBWentz, Carson PHI QB54.50%22
Kaepernick, Colin SFO QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB96.20%238
Kaepernick, Colin SFO QBFitzpatrick, Ryan NYJ QB94.80%97
Kaepernick, Colin SFO QBKessler, Cody CLE QB93.90%49
Kaepernick, Colin SFO QBOsweiler, Brock HOU QB91.50%118
Kaepernick, Colin SFO QBSmith, Geno NYJ QB91.20%57
Kaepernick, Colin SFO QBSiemian, Trevor DEN QB88.00%117
Kaepernick, Colin SFO QBWentz, Carson PHI QB87.60%129
Kaepernick, Colin SFO QBJones, Landry PIT QB80.80%26
Kaepernick, Colin SFO QBPalmer, Carson ARI QB73.20%179
Kaepernick, Colin SFO QBTannehill, Ryan MIA QB71.80%124
Kaepernick, Colin SFO QBKeenum, Case RAM QB70.10%67
Kaepernick, Colin SFO QBBradford, Sam MIN QB62.80%121
Keenum, Case RAM QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB98.40%190
Keenum, Case RAM QBFitzpatrick, Ryan NYJ QB96.00%100
Keenum, Case RAM QBKessler, Cody CLE QB91.20%57
Keenum, Case RAM QBOsweiler, Brock HOU QB87.90%66
Keenum, Case RAM QBWentz, Carson PHI QB77.90%68
Keenum, Case RAM QBJones, Landry PIT QB73.50%34
Keenum, Case RAM QBSiemian, Trevor DEN QB71.90%96
Keenum, Case RAM QBPalmer, Carson ARI QB64.20%137
Kessler, Cody CLE QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB96.00%99
Kessler, Cody CLE QBFitzpatrick, Ryan NYJ QB83.70%43
Kessler, Cody CLE QBOsweiler, Brock HOU QB70.70%41
Kessler, Cody CLE QBJones, Landry PIT QB57.10%21
Kessler, Cody CLE QBSmith, Geno NYJ QB53.30%15
Luck, Andrew IND QBWentz, Carson PHI QB99.50%740
Luck, Andrew IND QBPalmer, Carson ARI QB99.30%429
Luck, Andrew IND QBBradford, Sam MIN QB99.20%506
Luck, Andrew IND QBSiemian, Trevor DEN QB99.00%420
Luck, Andrew IND QBTannehill, Ryan MIA QB98.70%551
Luck, Andrew IND QBKaepernick, Colin SFO QB98.50%272
Luck, Andrew IND QBKeenum, Case RAM QB98.40%185
Luck, Andrew IND QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB98.20%281
Luck, Andrew IND QBFlacco, Joe BAL QB96.90%572
Luck, Andrew IND QBTaylor, Tyrod BUF QB92.20%385
Luck, Andrew IND QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB90.80%673
Luck, Andrew IND QBSmith, Alex KCC QB90.80%489
Luck, Andrew IND QBHoyer, Brian CHI QB85.90%277
Luck, Andrew IND QBManning, Eli NYG QB85.20%501
Luck, Andrew IND QBWilson, Russell SEA QB85.10%161
Luck, Andrew IND QBCousins, Kirk WAS QB70.60%744
Luck, Andrew IND QBDalton, Andy CIN QB64.20%758
Luck, Andrew IND QBMariota, Marcus TEN QB62.80%642
Luck, Andrew IND QBBortles, Blake JAC QB62.70%491
Luck, Andrew IND QBCarr, Derek OAK QB58.70%419
Manning, Eli NYG QBKeenum, Case RAM QB97.90%95
Manning, Eli NYG QBSiemian, Trevor DEN QB97.30%364
Manning, Eli NYG QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB97.10%345
Manning, Eli NYG QBTannehill, Ryan MIA QB96.60%204
Manning, Eli NYG QBKessler, Cody CLE QB96.40%84
Manning, Eli NYG QBWentz, Carson PHI QB96.00%471
Manning, Eli NYG QBPalmer, Carson ARI QB94.20%498
Manning, Eli NYG QBJones, Landry PIT QB93.80%32
Manning, Eli NYG QBBradford, Sam MIN QB91.90%321
Manning, Eli NYG QBKaepernick, Colin SFO QB83.60%165
Manning, Eli NYG QBFlacco, Joe BAL QB76.80%254
Manning, Eli NYG QBSchaub, Matt ATL QB75.00%8
Manning, Eli NYG QBHoyer, Brian CHI QB64.40%362
Manning, Eli NYG QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB62.00%527
Manning, Eli NYG QBTaylor, Tyrod BUF QB60.40%437
Manning, Eli NYG QBSmith, Alex KCC QB58.60%425
Mariota, Marcus TEN QBOsweiler, Brock HOU QB99.20%260
Mariota, Marcus TEN QBWentz, Carson PHI QB99.10%443
Mariota, Marcus TEN QBTannehill, Ryan MIA QB98.80%254
Mariota, Marcus TEN QBBradford, Sam MIN QB98.70%237
Mariota, Marcus TEN QBKaepernick, Colin SFO QB98.00%200
Mariota, Marcus TEN QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB97.70%926
Mariota, Marcus TEN QBFlacco, Joe BAL QB97.10%278
Mariota, Marcus TEN QBPalmer, Carson ARI QB96.70%675
Mariota, Marcus TEN QBHoyer, Brian CHI QB93.00%327
Mariota, Marcus TEN QBTaylor, Tyrod BUF QB92.10%367
Mariota, Marcus TEN QBSmith, Alex KCC QB90.30%248
Mariota, Marcus TEN QBManning, Eli NYG QB85.90%595
Mariota, Marcus TEN QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB83.00%525
Mariota, Marcus TEN QBWilson, Russell SEA QB77.20%597
Mariota, Marcus TEN QBCousins, Kirk WAS QB61.10%491
Mariota, Marcus TEN QBBortles, Blake JAC QB54.80%533
McCown, Josh CLE QBCutler, Jay CHI QB75.00%8
McCown, Josh CLE QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB56.20%16
Osweiler, Brock HOU QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB88.00%209
Osweiler, Brock HOU QBFitzpatrick, Ryan NYJ QB66.70%60
Palmer, Carson ARI QBStanton, Drew ARI QB98.80%161
Palmer, Carson ARI QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB94.10%270
Palmer, Carson ARI QBFitzpatrick, Ryan NYJ QB89.00%209
Palmer, Carson ARI QBSmith, Geno NYJ QB82.60%23
Palmer, Carson ARI QBOsweiler, Brock HOU QB73.90%115
Palmer, Carson ARI QBKessler, Cody CLE QB64.50%62
Palmer, Carson ARI QBSiemian, Trevor DEN QB58.70%184
Palmer, Carson ARI QBWentz, Carson PHI QB56.80%428
Palmer, Carson ARI QBJones, Landry PIT QB54.10%37
Rivers, Philip SDC QBTannehill, Ryan MIA QB99.30%454
Rivers, Philip SDC QBSiemian, Trevor DEN QB99.20%263
Rivers, Philip SDC QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB98.50%591
Rivers, Philip SDC QBWentz, Carson PHI QB98.30%604
Rivers, Philip SDC QBBradford, Sam MIN QB98.20%326
Rivers, Philip SDC QBFlacco, Joe BAL QB98.10%423
Rivers, Philip SDC QBKaepernick, Colin SFO QB97.80%229
Rivers, Philip SDC QBPalmer, Carson ARI QB97.20%644
Rivers, Philip SDC QBKeenum, Case RAM QB96.30%109
Rivers, Philip SDC QBHoyer, Brian CHI QB94.60%367
Rivers, Philip SDC QBSmith, Alex KCC QB92.90%478
Rivers, Philip SDC QBTaylor, Tyrod BUF QB92.70%537
Rivers, Philip SDC QBManning, Eli NYG QB90.90%507
Rivers, Philip SDC QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB90.10%524
Rivers, Philip SDC QBWilson, Russell SEA QB87.20%603
Rivers, Philip SDC QBCousins, Kirk WAS QB84.90%581
Rivers, Philip SDC QBBortles, Blake JAC QB74.00%581
Rivers, Philip SDC QBDalton, Andy CIN QB73.20%549
Rivers, Philip SDC QBCarr, Derek OAK QB71.90%555
Rivers, Philip SDC QBMariota, Marcus TEN QB69.90%692
Rivers, Philip SDC QBLuck, Andrew IND QB62.40%502
Rivers, Philip SDC QBStafford, Matthew DET QB52.80%708
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBSiemian, Trevor DEN QB99.70%610
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBOsweiler, Brock HOU QB99.60%481
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBTannehill, Ryan MIA QB99.40%518
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBFlacco, Joe BAL QB99.40%721
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBWentz, Carson PHI QB99.30%450
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB99.20%243
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBBradford, Sam MIN QB98.90%466
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB98.00%539
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBSmith, Alex KCC QB97.80%511
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBTaylor, Tyrod BUF QB97.10%450
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBKeenum, Case RAM QB96.90%160
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBWilson, Russell SEA QB96.60%146
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBHoyer, Brian CHI QB94.90%395
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBManning, Eli NYG QB94.50%399
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBCousins, Kirk WAS QB87.40%682
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBBortles, Blake JAC QB86.40%412
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBCarr, Derek OAK QB85.50%546
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBDalton, Andy CIN QB79.80%645
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBMariota, Marcus TEN QB77.90%484
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBLuck, Andrew IND QB73.90%111
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBStafford, Matthew DET QB60.70%644
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBRivers, Philip SDC QB59.50%526
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBCutler, Jay CHI QB66.70%24
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBGoff, Jared RAM QB64.70%17
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBLynch, Paxton DEN QB58.30%12
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBGabbert, Blaine SFO QB50.00%14
Ryan, Matt ATL QBWentz, Carson PHI QB99.60%525
Ryan, Matt ATL QBFlacco, Joe BAL QB99.50%368
Ryan, Matt ATL QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB99.40%909
Ryan, Matt ATL QBSiemian, Trevor DEN QB99.30%283
Ryan, Matt ATL QBPalmer, Carson ARI QB99.30%877
Ryan, Matt ATL QBHoyer, Brian CHI QB99.20%256
Ryan, Matt ATL QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB99.00%487
Ryan, Matt ATL QBTaylor, Tyrod BUF QB98.90%461
Ryan, Matt ATL QBSmith, Alex KCC QB98.70%375
Ryan, Matt ATL QBManning, Eli NYG QB98.20%672
Ryan, Matt ATL QBCousins, Kirk WAS QB97.10%548
Ryan, Matt ATL QBWilson, Russell SEA QB96.80%853
Ryan, Matt ATL QBBortles, Blake JAC QB96.00%792
Ryan, Matt ATL QBDalton, Andy CIN QB95.00%518
Ryan, Matt ATL QBMariota, Marcus TEN QB93.60%484
Ryan, Matt ATL QBRivers, Philip SDC QB92.30%493
Ryan, Matt ATL QBCarr, Derek OAK QB92.10%669
Ryan, Matt ATL QBStafford, Matthew DET QB90.80%491
Ryan, Matt ATL QBLuck, Andrew IND QB88.50%828
Ryan, Matt ATL QBRodgers, Aaron GBP QB74.20%720
Ryan, Matt ATL QBBrees, Drew NOS QB70.30%715
Siemian, Trevor DEN QBLynch, Paxton DEN QB98.30%121
Siemian, Trevor DEN QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB97.40%230
Siemian, Trevor DEN QBSmith, Geno NYJ QB92.00%25
Siemian, Trevor DEN QBFitzpatrick, Ryan NYJ QB87.00%77
Siemian, Trevor DEN QBMcCarron, A.J. CIN QB83.30%12
Siemian, Trevor DEN QBOsweiler, Brock HOU QB78.60%103
Siemian, Trevor DEN QBJones, Landry PIT QB72.70%22
Siemian, Trevor DEN QBKessler, Cody CLE QB67.60%37
Smith, Alex KCC QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB98.70%603
Smith, Alex KCC QBOsweiler, Brock HOU QB97.40%155
Smith, Alex KCC QBSiemian, Trevor DEN QB94.20%154
Smith, Alex KCC QBWentz, Carson PHI QB93.90%198
Smith, Alex KCC QBKeenum, Case RAM QB92.50%107
Smith, Alex KCC QBPalmer, Carson ARI QB89.90%337
Smith, Alex KCC QBTannehill, Ryan MIA QB88.00%175
Smith, Alex KCC QBBradford, Sam MIN QB85.20%196
Smith, Alex KCC QBKaepernick, Colin SFO QB78.70%150
Smith, Alex KCC QBFlacco, Joe BAL QB69.40%173
Smith, Alex KCC QBHoyer, Brian CHI QB55.00%229
Smith, Geno NYJ QBFitzpatrick, Ryan NYJ QB75.90%87
Smith, Geno NYJ QBOsweiler, Brock HOU QB64.00%25
Stafford, Matthew DET QBOsweiler, Brock HOU QB99.40%332
Stafford, Matthew DET QBFlacco, Joe BAL QB99.20%368
Stafford, Matthew DET QBWentz, Carson PHI QB99.00%526
Stafford, Matthew DET QBPalmer, Carson ARI QB98.80%773
Stafford, Matthew DET QBTaylor, Tyrod BUF QB98.40%368
Stafford, Matthew DET QBKaepernick, Colin SFO QB98.30%242
Stafford, Matthew DET QBBradford, Sam MIN QB98.10%366
Stafford, Matthew DET QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB97.70%789
Stafford, Matthew DET QBJones, Landry PIT QB95.50%44
Stafford, Matthew DET QBSmith, Alex KCC QB95.20%312
Stafford, Matthew DET QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB94.70%563
Stafford, Matthew DET QBManning, Eli NYG QB94.60%679
Stafford, Matthew DET QBHoyer, Brian CHI QB91.20%319
Stafford, Matthew DET QBWilson, Russell SEA QB90.00%731
Stafford, Matthew DET QBCousins, Kirk WAS QB84.30%555
Stafford, Matthew DET QBMariota, Marcus TEN QB77.60%473
Stafford, Matthew DET QBDalton, Andy CIN QB72.90%498
Stafford, Matthew DET QBCarr, Derek OAK QB72.00%425
Stafford, Matthew DET QBBortles, Blake JAC QB71.40%713
Stafford, Matthew DET QBLuck, Andrew IND QB66.90%426
Tannehill, Ryan MIA QBLynch, Paxton DEN QB97.60%85
Tannehill, Ryan MIA QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB96.70%182
Tannehill, Ryan MIA QBFitzpatrick, Ryan NYJ QB91.30%104
Tannehill, Ryan MIA QBHundley, Brett GBP QB88.20%17
Tannehill, Ryan MIA QBOsweiler, Brock HOU QB87.50%136
Tannehill, Ryan MIA QBSmith, Geno NYJ QB80.50%41
Tannehill, Ryan MIA QBKessler, Cody CLE QB75.90%54
Tannehill, Ryan MIA QBJones, Landry PIT QB70.30%37
Tannehill, Ryan MIA QBWentz, Carson PHI QB65.80%152
Tannehill, Ryan MIA QBKeenum, Case RAM QB65.20%66
Tannehill, Ryan MIA QBSiemian, Trevor DEN QB61.40%132
Tannehill, Ryan MIA QBPalmer, Carson ARI QB51.10%305
Taylor, Tyrod BUF QBOsweiler, Brock HOU QB98.40%191
Taylor, Tyrod BUF QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB97.20%686
Taylor, Tyrod BUF QBFitzpatrick, Ryan NYJ QB97.20%177
Taylor, Tyrod BUF QBSmith, Geno NYJ QB96.60%59
Taylor, Tyrod BUF QBWentz, Carson PHI QB96.30%351
Taylor, Tyrod BUF QBKessler, Cody CLE QB96.00%75
Taylor, Tyrod BUF QBJones, Landry PIT QB95.10%41
Taylor, Tyrod BUF QBSiemian, Trevor DEN QB94.40%250
Taylor, Tyrod BUF QBTannehill, Ryan MIA QB92.30%209
Taylor, Tyrod BUF QBKeenum, Case RAM QB91.70%108
Taylor, Tyrod BUF QBPalmer, Carson ARI QB91.00%533
Taylor, Tyrod BUF QBBradford, Sam MIN QB88.10%194
Taylor, Tyrod BUF QBKaepernick, Colin SFO QB82.10%179
Taylor, Tyrod BUF QBFlacco, Joe BAL QB72.50%240
Taylor, Tyrod BUF QBSmith, Alex KCC QB54.80%221
Taylor, Tyrod BUF QBHoyer, Brian CHI QB51.50%295
Wentz, Carson PHI QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB96.30%297
Wentz, Carson PHI QBFitzpatrick, Ryan NYJ QB84.90%106
Wentz, Carson PHI QBOsweiler, Brock HOU QB84.80%99
Wentz, Carson PHI QBSmith, Geno NYJ QB78.30%23
Wentz, Carson PHI QBKessler, Cody CLE QB60.50%38
Wentz, Carson PHI QBSiemian, Trevor DEN QB55.90%118
Wilson, Russell SEA QBFitzpatrick, Ryan NYJ QB99.40%337
Wilson, Russell SEA QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB99.30%304
Wilson, Russell SEA QBOsweiler, Brock HOU QB98.00%343
Wilson, Russell SEA QBKessler, Cody CLE QB96.60%118
Wilson, Russell SEA QBSiemian, Trevor DEN QB96.00%422
Wilson, Russell SEA QBWentz, Carson PHI QB95.90%733
Wilson, Russell SEA QBTannehill, Ryan MIA QB95.30%426
Wilson, Russell SEA QBPalmer, Carson ARI QB94.40%251
Wilson, Russell SEA QBJones, Landry PIT QB91.70%24
Wilson, Russell SEA QBBradford, Sam MIN QB88.70%442
Wilson, Russell SEA QBKeenum, Case RAM QB86.20%181
Wilson, Russell SEA QBFlacco, Joe BAL QB82.50%634
Wilson, Russell SEA QBKaepernick, Colin SFO QB80.70%202
Wilson, Russell SEA QBHoyer, Brian CHI QB65.80%602
Wilson, Russell SEA QBSmith, Alex KCC QB64.80%247
Wilson, Russell SEA QBTaylor, Tyrod BUF QB63.50%586
Wilson, Russell SEA QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB54.00%546
Wilson, Russell SEA QBManning, Eli NYG QB51.40%457
Winston, Jameis TBB QBKessler, Cody CLE QB98.10%106
Winston, Jameis TBB QBOsweiler, Brock HOU QB97.40%269
Winston, Jameis TBB QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB97.40%618
Winston, Jameis TBB QBFitzpatrick, Ryan NYJ QB96.70%214
Winston, Jameis TBB QBSiemian, Trevor DEN QB95.00%238
Winston, Jameis TBB QBWentz, Carson PHI QB93.50%417
Winston, Jameis TBB QBTannehill, Ryan MIA QB92.60%272
Winston, Jameis TBB QBPalmer, Carson ARI QB92.00%527
Winston, Jameis TBB QBBradford, Sam MIN QB91.70%205
Winston, Jameis TBB QBKeenum, Case RAM QB88.30%145
Winston, Jameis TBB QBKaepernick, Colin SFO QB81.80%264
Winston, Jameis TBB QBFlacco, Joe BAL QB78.30%304
Winston, Jameis TBB QBTaylor, Tyrod BUF QB66.40%429
Winston, Jameis TBB QBHoyer, Brian CHI QB66.20%394
Winston, Jameis TBB QBSmith, Alex KCC QB60.10%353
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Week 7
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Live Scoring
Week 7
Bielefeld Bulldogs0.0Details
Gina´s Wild-Cats0.0
Buffalo Schütz Extreme0.0Details
Flying Shoulderpads0.0
Aster Lavista Babies0.0Details
Neufahrner Ratpack0.0
L.A. Lame Ducks0.0Details
Pitiless Pirates0.0
Schmaffmann Hueh0.0Details
Erkan´s Warriors0.0
Schwabian Squarrats0.0Details
Bielefeld Bulldogs0.0Details
Aster Lavista Babies0.0
Buffalo Schütz Extreme0.0Details
L.A. Lame Ducks0.0
Schwabian Squarrats0.0Details
Schmaffmann Hueh0.0
Flying Shoulderpads0.0Details
Neufahrner Ratpack0.0
Gina´s Wild-Cats0.0
Erkan´s Warriors0.0Details
Pitiless Pirates0.0
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NFL Pick 'Em Pool Summary
Erkan´s Warriors91387890000000000054
Bielefeld Bulldogs1012710960000000000054
Flying Shoulderpads101089790000000000053
Gina´s Wild-Cats997107110000000000053
Schmaffmann Hueh812107780000000000052
Neufahrner Ratpack119778100000000000052
Pitiless Pirates10988980000000000052
Aster Lavista Babies111076980000000000051
Buffalo Schütz Extreme79871080000000000049
Schwabian Squarrats10857780000000000045
L.A. Lame Ducks10775870000000000044
Detailed Results
Survivor Pool
Franchise/Week 1234567891011121314151617
Aster Lavista BabiesHOU
Buffalo Schütz ExtremeHOUCARMIACINPITNEP*----------
Schwabian Squarrats
Flying Shoulderpads
Schmaffmann HuehSEANEPMIAWASGBPBUF*----------
L.A. Lame DucksHOU
Neufahrner RatpackSEACARMIAWASPITTEN*----------
Pitiless PiratesSEACAR
Erkan´s WarriorsHOU
Bielefeld BulldogsPHIBALGBPWASPITTEN*----------
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10 Newest Transactions
# Franchise Type Transaction Date
1.Gina´s Wild-CatsWaiver Thu Oct 20 1:29:36 p.m. ET 2016
2.Buffalo Schütz ExtremeWaiver Thu Oct 20 1:04:39 p.m. ET 2016
3.Aster Lavista BabiesWaiver Thu Oct 20 12:30:12 p.m. ET 2016
4.Flying ShoulderpadsWaiver Thu Oct 20 12:30:12 p.m. ET 2016
5.Neufahrner RatpackWaiver Thu Oct 20 12:30:12 p.m. ET 2016
6.Neufahrner RatpackWaiver Thu Oct 20 12:30:12 p.m. ET 2016
7.Pitiless PiratesWaiver Thu Oct 20 12:30:12 p.m. ET 2016
8.Aster Lavista BabiesWaiver Thu Oct 20 12:30:12 p.m. ET 2016
9.Schmaffmann HuehWaiver Thu Oct 20 12:30:12 p.m. ET 2016
10.Pitiless PiratesWaiver Thu Oct 20 12:30:12 p.m. ET 2016
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Stefon Diggs limited again Thursday45 minutes
Randall Cobb takes full reps Wednesday2 hours
Reed (concussion) not practicing Thursda...3 hours
Charles Clay returned to practice Thursd...5 hours
Mike Gillislee likely to start if McCoy ...7 hours
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Power Rankings
  All-Play Record
Franchise PF PP Eff Bench Points Max PF Min PF Coulda Won Woulda Lost Power Rank Alternate Power Rank W L T Pct
Buffalo Schütz Extreme584.0632.092.4%278.0106852633.633646191.705
L.A. Lame Ducks573.0713.080.4%433.0104843433.633242222.652
Flying Shoulderpads540.0682.079.2%435.0119632432.222737263.583
Neufahrner Ratpack543.0663.081.9%364.0107551231.302739261.598
Bielefeld Bulldogs536.0706.075.9%437.0124595130.021936300.545
Aster Lavista Babies537.0698.076.9%451.0115733128.131335310.530
Erkan´s Warriors568.0645.088.1%288.0136615126.852036300.545
Gina´s Wild-Cats547.0599.091.3%231.0128671225.742238280.576
Schmaffmann Hueh476.0603.078.9%293.0118513323.411325401.386
Pitiless Pirates506.0621.081.5%277.0125533323.331123421.356
Schwabian Squarrats431.0515.083.7%239.087541217.07316500.242
Week 7 NFL Schedule
Thu Oct 20 8:25:00 p.m. ET 2016
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Sun Oct 23 9:30:00 a.m. ET 2016
(Box Score)
Sun Oct 23 1:00:00 p.m. ET 2016
(Box Score)
(Box Score)
(Box Score)
(Box Score)
(Box Score)
(Box Score)
(Box Score)
(Box Score)
Sun Oct 23 4:05:00 p.m. ET 2016
(Box Score)
(Box Score)
Sun Oct 23 4:25:00 p.m. ET 2016
(Box Score)
Sun Oct 23 8:30:00 p.m. ET 2016
(Box Score)
Mon Oct 24 8:30:00 p.m. ET 2016
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